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Common Questions

Where is the best place to fish tarpon?

The best place to fish for Tarpon is right here in Englewood, Florida, with MM Charters and Captain Tim. Englewood is renowned for its fantastic Tarpon fishing opportunities, especially during the season from April to July. Captain Tim's local expertise and knowledge of the area's prime Tarpon hotspots ensure you'll have an excellent chance to hook into these majestic Silver Kings, making it a top destination for Tarpon enthusiasts.

What is the biggest tarpon ever caught?

The record for the biggest Tarpon ever caught stands at an impressive 286 pounds. While that's a remarkable achievement, Captain Tim and MM Charters in Englewood, Florida, offer anglers the chance to target Tarpon of varying sizes, making every catch a memorable experience. With their expertise, you can aim to reel in these majestic Silver Kings and create your own unforgettable Tarpon fishing stories.

Why is Florida good for fishing?

Florida is an angler's paradise for several reasons, and MM Charters with Captain Tim in Englewood, Florida, exemplifies these advantages. The state's diverse ecosystems offer a wide range of fishing opportunities, from inshore to offshore, and a variety of species to target. The warm climate ensures year-round fishing, and the extensive coastline, including Lemon Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, provides abundant fishing grounds. Captain Tim's local knowledge and expertise make Florida even better for fishing, as he knows the prime spots and techniques to enhance your angling adventures.